Monthly Archives: March 2017

UUSA Home Stay Program

Did you know that we have a Home Stay program at the UUSA? Each fall and spring members of our congregation open their homes to visitors bringing their sons and daughters to UMass or one of the colleges for the first time, or visiting them on parents’ weekend, or attending graduation. This is a service … Continued


Abraham Lincoln once said, “I care not for a man’s religion whose dog and cat are not the better for it.” Not everyone is in the same place on the “pets are people, too” continuum. But we can all grasp the wisdom behind Lincoln’s good-natured humor. After all, one of our Society’s founding principles, and … Continued

Small Group Ministry: Small Group Opportunities!

The Small Group Ministry Program currently has openings in existing groups, and we are always interested in forming new ones. Perhaps you have an idea for a specific kind of group. There was talk recently of an intergenerational group, for example. We welcome your ideas and participation! For more information contact Anne Louise White (413-367- … Continued

Board Starts Seeking Search Committee Candidates in March

The UUSA Board of Trustees will begin contacting each member of the congregation seeking input for candidates for the search committee.  Provided the new by-law passes the process will be as follows; A. Search Committee. The Search Committee for a Minister shall be composed of seven Active Members of our Congregation. The Congregation will nominate … Continued

Special Congregational Meeting on Search Committee on Sunday March 12

There will be a Special Congregational Meeting on Sunday, March 12, after the service to amend the UUSA Bylaws to create a larger Ministerial Search committee with four elected and three appointed members. A section of the current bylaws reads: A. Search Committee. The Ministerial Search Committee shall consist of five Active Members elected at … Continued