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Green Sanctuary News – January 2020

Exciting news from the Green Sanctuary Committee
about the Town of Amherst and its work to reduce energy use

As you know, we have a climate crisis to solve. Our planet needs to stop using fossil fuels by 2050, if not earlier, in order to limit global … read more.

Minister’s Letter – January 2020

Dear UUSA,

Happy new year! I hope you have begun 2020 in a way that is meaningful to you and are excited to meet the
new year.

For me, making resolutions is less about starting fresh than reflecting on what has inspired me in the past and figuring … read more.

Minister’s Letter – December 2019

Dear UUSA,

Just like that, we are suddenly in the rush: holiday rush, sugar rush, and the rush to use precious daylight in
these shortest days of the year. In all this rush, keep breathing. It will get done, or it won’t. Whether the pie is
homemade or … read more.

Minister’s Letter – November 2019

Dear UUSA,

We are growing. We are crossing the boundary from being a small to mid-sized congregation. The board is talking a lot about what this means for us practically, but I’m also thinking about what this means for us spiritually. Milestones are a good time … read more.

Green Sanctuary News: What is Green Burial?

I recently attended a small interment service at Wildwood Cemetery. It was a beautiful summer morning. The guests surrounded the body, which was clad in just a shroud. The minister spoke briefly, and we sang while lowering the body into the grave and scattering it … read more.

Minister’s Letter – October 2019

Dear UUSA,

Wow, what a first month we have had! Now that our program year has begun, it’s wonderful to see you all in
the magic of being together in worship. I am excited for many things beginning and relaunching. This year’s
Coming of Age cohort is beginning … read more.

An Interview with Fred Small

by Pat Rector

In association with UUSA’s Green Sanctuary Committee, I agreed in May to talk with the Rev. Fred Small, Minister for Climate Justice of Arlington Street Church UU Church of Boston. Small had preached a powerful sermon on climate issues early in the spring … read more.