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Green Sanctuary Action – March 2020

Green Sanctuary March Action Table President Trump has already dismantled important environmental protections. Now he wants to do something even worse: to weaken the National Environmental Protection Act. Public comments are invited now, ending on March 10. You can submit your comments at … read more.

Minister’s Letter – March 2020

Dear UUSA,

Wash your hands.

You may be thinking right about now that my role is to give out spiritual/ethical/moral guidance rather than
hygiene advice. You’re right. It is my responsibility, however, to address the worries I see around me — and
some of us are worried about the … read more.

Green Sanctuary News – January 2020

Exciting news from the Green Sanctuary Committee
about the Town of Amherst and its work to reduce energy use

As you know, we have a climate crisis to solve. Our planet needs to stop using fossil fuels by 2050, if not earlier, in order to limit global … read more.

Minister’s Letter – January 2020

Dear UUSA,

Happy new year! I hope you have begun 2020 in a way that is meaningful to you and are excited to meet the
new year.

For me, making resolutions is less about starting fresh than reflecting on what has inspired me in the past and figuring … read more.

Minister’s Letter – December 2019

Dear UUSA,

Just like that, we are suddenly in the rush: holiday rush, sugar rush, and the rush to use precious daylight in
these shortest days of the year. In all this rush, keep breathing. It will get done, or it won’t. Whether the pie is
homemade or … read more.