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Message from the President – March 2020

Hello friends,

At the end of this month we will be asking all member and friends of the UUSA to make a monetary commitment to this congregation. For those who are recent arrivals to church—the pledge drive is an annual event that collects monetary pledges from … read more.

Message from the President – January 2020

Hello friends,

Our first Congregational Conversation concerning growth was powerful. The Board asked the Congregation to gather December 15 after worship to explore the wonderful opportunity presented by having so many more people attending our worship.

What prompted this conversation is the UUA-reported knowledge that if … read more.

Message from the President – December 2019

Hello friends,

As we immerse ourselves in a season of giving, please consider the ministries of our congregation. Consider the
impact of what we do here simply by gathering together with the intention of worship. Consider the many
ways we reach out to each other and to the … read more.

Message from the President – November 2019

Hello friends,

You might notice that members of the Board of Trustees are wearing badges that say “Ask me about the UUSA
Board of Trustees.” Please do ask these good people about their service to the congregation through board gov-

As you might know, each Unitarian Universalist society … read more.

Notes from the President – October 2019

Hello friends,

September began for the Board with time set aside at our monthly meeting to learn more about and strategize for a new way of helping our congregation understand and participate in yearlong stewardship. We are very excited about integrating conversations about sustainability, responsibility, and … read more.

Message from the President – Karen Fisk – June 2019

Hello friends,

Consistency and change—well-balanced and always with the good of the congregation as primary motivator—is helpful for positive outcomes.
We have had a lot of change these past years. And we have stayed consistent in nurturing a strong, supportive, faith community that is ever … read more.

Message from the President – Karen Fisk – April 2019

Hello friends,
We are part of a big movement, a life-celebrating, earth-sustaining, caring-for-humanity, justice-making, faith- exploring movement. As part of the family of Unitarian Universalist faith communities throughout the region, nation, and world, we have opportunities to meet and learn from UUs in a variety … read more.