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Religious Education Ministry – March 2020

I want to take a moment to say thank you to the UUSA members and friends for helping make our parents, children and youth feel welcome in the sanctuary, whether RE is leading the service, or participating in the beginning of the regular services. It … read more.

February Backpack Collection A Great Success

On February 9 we had a special “breakout” service organized by the UUSA Religious Education (RE) Ministry. In the past, RE asked people at breakout services to choose between music, conversation, art and action, nd they heard people say, “It is so hard to choose!” … read more.

Religious Education Ministry – January 2020

Happy New Year!

We’re now in the middle of our UUSA service schedule, which means we’ve done a lot and we still have a lot
of learning, fun and worship to do. The elementary children will continue to learn and grow together through
stories, mindfulness activities, art and … read more.

Religious Education Ministry – December 2019

May this holiday season be filled with gratitude, light and love. This December in the RE program we will enjoy:

The Whole Congregation service on December 15 will be organized around special holiday songs and traditions established by Unitarian Universalists. Elementary will continue to work … read more.

Religious Education Ministry – October 2019

Thank you to all of you who attended the UU Fall Picnic! Like with many potlucks, we had a moment where
we thought we might have too many desserts and appetizers, but patience and time and more people brought
more food. Children took advantage of the toys … read more.

Religious Education Ministry – September 2019

Our official Religious Education (RE) September start is coming up on September 8th! As in the past, our elementary RE program will vary from one week to the next. We will be mixing cooking, mindfulness, art, science, and literature activities in with our discussions about … read more.

White Fragility: Book Chosen for Summer Reading

White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo

Here’s why the Dismantling White Supremacy group chose the book and why they invite us to go deeper in sharing this fall, exploring in lightly facilitated conversations how the book impacted each of us personally. In what NPR describes as a … read more.