Dedicated Offerings provide a way for our Unitarian Universalist Society of Amherst community to recognize and financially support worthy organizations engaged in projects that reflect our guiding Unitarian-Universalist principles.

On Sunday, November 19, the UUSA will receive a dedicated offering for the Amherst Survival Center. Now in its 41st year, this non-profit organization has been a model for helping people in need in an effective and dignified way. Families and individuals struggling to make ends meet are welcome not only to partake of services, but also to find companionship and relief from isolation. People are there to share their material resources, information, concerns, and frustrations. No one is turned away.

The Amherst Survival Center serves close to 6,000 people each year. Their services, all of which are free, include groceries distributed from a well-stocked pantry; a freshly cooked meal four days a week; a breakfast bar; drop-in health clinic; a “free store” with clothing and other items; yoga and exercise classes; assistance from social service workers; computers and a washer and dryer to use; free sewing classes, field trips, live music performances and movie nights; job readiness workshops, job fairs, information & referral; as well as a variety of other support services.

At a time when our country’s leadership is threatening the well-being of our most vulnerable citizens — children without enough to eat, struggling seniors, homeless teenagers, new immigrants, the uninsured — here is a place where all who come for help are welcomed, cared for, and valued in a safe environment. Funding for its many offerings is critically needed. The Dedicated Offering Committee urges you to please be generous in giving to this very important local program.