The Rev. Cynthia A. Frado

The Importance of Saying Good-bye: Transitions and Letting-Go

This being Rev. Frado’s last service as an Interim at UUSA, she will be offering her final reflections on the State-of-the-Society and the process of transitions and letting-go in life

in general.  Today is also our Bridging Ceremony for graduating seniors and Flower Communion for the whole congregation. PLEASE BRING A FLOWER OR TWO TO SHARE!

Why I Am a Unitarian Universalist

On this Membership Sunday, Rev. Frado will be sharing why she chose to dedicate her life’s ministry to Unitarian Universalism.  What does it mean to walk this UU path? How does it challenge us, inspire us, and enlighten us?  This is a GREAT day to bring a friend to the meetinghouse!

This service will include a ceremony in which the congregation formally welcomes those who joined us as members this year.

A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with One Step

The wisdom of Lao Tzu is our inspiration for this morning’s service. Focused on the inner and the outer life, he challenges us to find that place where they meet.  His teachings help us to see more clearly the simplicity that is implicit within our complex lives.  This is a great Sunday to bring a friend to church!

Our UU Tapestry of Faith: The Middle Path of Buddhism

This is the last in our series on the UU theological arc of belief.  In many ways, Buddhism reflects several aspects of all the other threads in our tapestry.  It calls upon us to focus more deeply and thoughtfully on every moment, every breath.  Join us as we embrace the return of spring and embark on new paths of enlightenment.

Today is our Dedicated Offering Sunday

Embracing Today’s Abundance to Empower Tomorrow’s Possibilities

Today’s sermon is about playing to our strengths to empower what we want to create in the future.  Too often we focus on what we are lacking, rather than capitalizing on the abundance that we already have.  Today marks the kick-off to this year’s annual stewardship appeal (everyone’s favorite service), and it is really about SO MUCH MORE than money.  It is about the passion and compassion and dedication of the people who call this community home.  It is about what we each bring to the table, and how that empowers us to build upon that foundation as we move into a future of immense possibilities.

This is a WONDERFUL and INSPIRING day to join us in the Meetinghouse!  Great music, great energy, great community!

The Promise of Passover

Next Friday night many of us will be remembering the ancient liberation story of the Jewish people from Egypt through a ritual Seder dinner.  Today, we will be exploring liberation in general, and the human journey in particular.  Liberation sets us free from what is holding us back, and a chosen destination is our ultimate goal, but perhaps it is the journey that is our greatest gift (and sometimes our greatest challenge).  This is a fabulous Sunday to join us in the Meetinghouse!

Finding Healing in the Broken Places

As human beings we have a propensity towards perfection and wholeness.  Life, however, is hardly perfect or continuously whole.  How do we find peace and contentment living with such ambiguity?  Can we find beauty in imperfection and healing in the broken places?  An interesting Sunday to be in the meetinghouse!

Love is . . .

This Sunday will be a “break out” service, where we will begin in the Sanctuary, break out into four different groups (music, service project, craft, and discussion) and then regather in the Sanctuary for a final reflection and closing ritual. The Co-Executive Directors of Craig’s Doors will be joining us for this special service.