The Rev. Steve Cook

The Rhetoric of Truth

One of the most consequential election days of contemporary times is upon us.  What does it mean when all sides characterize their opponents as thieves?

Remembering Our Saints

As we look toward the ancient holidays of All Saints and All Souls Days, our Universalist heritage reminds us that there is more to them than candy and costumes.

The Imperfections of Freedom

The very same quality that allows the world and all of us to change and grow in wonderful ways also allows hurricanes, floods and people to make bad decisions.

Today is our Dedicated Offering Sunday.

Freedom of the Pew

If there is a Unitarian Universalist “Freedom of the Pulpit” is there not also a concomitant “Freedom of the Pew?” 

Freedom of the Pulpit

Unitarian Universalism upholds “Freedom” as a basic value.  How do our ministers and we manifest that rather abstract concept when we are challenged over deeply held principles?

Ingathering and Water Sharing Ritual

As we return to our full schedule of fellowship and worship after a summer of reduced church engagement for many, we will use the sharing of water as a symbol of commitment to our Society and to the world.