The Fierce Urgency of Now

Inspired by the words of Martin Luther King Jr., today’s sermon will address the dangers of apathy and paralytic conformity when it comes to needs of immediacy. Notions of powerlessness are not an option. Join us on this MLK weekend for some provocative thought and warm fellowship!

Flinging Stars, Sowing Hope

A story of science and a story of faith, today’s sermon is part narrative, part reflection as the Rev. Frado explores the world of American anthropologist, educator, philosopher, and natural science writer Loren Eiseley, and extrapolates its insights and wisdom for the world we live in today.

This is a GREAT way to start the new year!


What does it mean to bless one another? Is it an expression of good wishes?  Is a blessing something we say or something we do — a religious ritual or a way of living our lives? These questions from the Rev. Dan Schatz, minister at the Unitarian Congregation of West Chester, PA, will be discussed on the last day of the year. We will also participate in our annual ritual of writing our personal wishes for the new year and releasing them in a ceremony of hope.
Musicians who would like to share their music at this service should contact Carol Rothery at before December 22.