Freedom of the Pulpit

Unitarian Universalism upholds “Freedom” as a basic value.  How do our ministers and we manifest that rather abstract concept when we are challenged over deeply held principles?

Ingathering and Water Sharing Ritual

As we return to our full schedule of fellowship and worship after a summer of reduced church engagement for many, we will use the sharing of water as a symbol of commitment to our Society and to the world.

Change of Heart

Change. The word is enough to make some people shudder in anticipation – like waiting for the other shoe to drop. For others, it’s the juice that involves greater awareness and commitment to what truly matters. Whether or not we choose it, change comes upon us and by choosing to see more, to see differently, to try on new perspectives, it becomes more possible to love, to help, and to create justice. Today we’ll explore what can cause a change of heart and a new way of seeing the world.

Mary Herman, a member of our UU Society, is a UUA Affiliate Minister.