Love Lives at the Heart of the Universe

The Rev. Doug Wilson is the 2012 Minister Emeritus of Rowe Camp and Conference Center, where he served in various positions, including Director, for 39 years. He walks gently upon the earth! For many, many years he has been at the forefront of social justice and earth justice issues, and he has worked with activists and reformers of great renown. Doug is very much an intellectual with a passion for our 7th Principle and a Mark Twain sense of humor.

The Green Sanctuary Committee will be leading the service, and The Rev. Wilson will give the sermon, for our Earth Day service. Please join us. Our planet needs our love and care more than ever!

What IS the Kingdom of God?

This being Easter Sunday in the Christian tradition, Christianity places an emphasis on the death and resurrection of Jesus. While that is not a theological tenet of our faith, this morning we will explore Jesus’ understanding of the Kingdom of God and how it informed his ministry. You just might be surprised! This is a great day to bring visiting family and friends to UUSA.