Congregational Pancake Breakfast! (10:00 – 11:30 a.m.)

Peter Lacey will lead a crew of men from our UU Society in preparing and serving a delicious breakfast to the congregation. Let’s celebrate this Sunday by breaking “bread” with each other. The fellowship of a meal together will serve as our worship.

In lieu of a collection, we do welcome and encourage donations to the UUSA to support the cost of the breakfast.

In the Nick of Time: Henry Thoreau at 200

Polly Peterson, a member of our UU Society, will be our speaker this morning.

Henry Thoreau was ever conscious of living “in the nick of time”– that is, at the meeting of two eternities, the past and future, in precisely the present moment. As we commemorate Thoreau’s bicentennial year, let’s take a look at how his experiment in mindful living might awaken us more fully to our own time and place.

25 Years of Support to the Convention on the Rights of the Child

Rob Fuderich, a participant in our UU Society, will speak on how the United Nations Convention guided his work with UNICEF in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bosnia, the newly independent nations of the former Soviet Union, South Sudan, Kosovo, Jamaica, and Uzbekistan, and how the CRC, the most ratified human rights treaty in history, is relevant to the principles of UU.

What is Synchronicity?

Casey Attebery, a participant in our UU Society and a member of our choir, invites us to come discover the role synchronicity plays in music and life, as well as its benefit in the realm of therapeutic sound. 

“I and this Mystery, Here we Stand” — my scary-serendipitous adventure with a brain tumor

Elizabeth Alcaide, our member and a retired UU parish minister, will share with us a shaky, vulnerable time in her life, surely similar to ones many of us experience sooner or later.

In keeping with our ongoing discussion of Being Mortal by Atul Gawande, please join us after the service for a sharing circle on this subject of personal vulnerability.  

What Endures

Mary Herman, a member of our UU Society and a UUA Affiliate Minister, will be our speaker this morning.