Resisting White Supremacy – What is in it for White People

How can I live with courage and integrity when the culture provides unearned benefits to me in my identities as white, male, heterosexual,able-bodied and middle class?  How do I navigate the moral ambiguity if I live with some dominant identities and some targeted identities?  Is it possible to find spiritual wholeness when those with those advantaged identities have perpetrated so much pain and suffering? How does one navigate the denial and guilt that attaches to those identities in order to stand in solidarity with those targeted for oppression? 

Explore these questions as Ken Wagner shares part of his journey in grappling with these questions in a sermon entitled, “Resisting White Supremacy – What is in it for White People.”  You may be surprised at the potential for spiritual wholeness and liberation on a very personal level.

What Does Love Require of Us?

It is said that the great project of the human condition is to learn how to love, love well, love fully.  Join us as we explore what we actually mean by love and how we can find greater connection and meaning in our friendships and relationships

Our speaker, Mary Herman, is a UU Affiliate Minister and Ethical Culture Clergy.