Memorial Day Reflection: Our Legacy and Responsibility

Join us for a morning of remembering all that has been sacrificed to preserve our democracy and what it asks of us. Readings, beautiful music, thoughtful reflections to take us beyond the parades and charcoal grills.

Transitions of Love

This is a tender morning of transitions. We will honor our graduating seniors with a Bridging Ceremony. The service will be followed by a brief but lovely social time, followed by our important Annual Congregational Meeting. A very busy morning and afternoon at UUSA!

Before the service, we will gather as a congregation in the Willie Eaton Social Hall at 10 a.m. for a Special Congregational Meeting to bestow the honorary title of Minister Emerita on the Rev. Alison Wohler.

Flower Communion Sunday

As we put closure to the 2016-2017 formal church year, we will celebrate our new members and volunteers, dedicate Clara Herman, and share in the beautiful tradition of a flower communion. A great day to be together before our summer break. (Be sure to join us for summer services when you are not traveling!)


James Luther Adams’ Five Smooth Stones of Religious Liberalism

Adams, an influential liberal UU theologian, developed the idea that religious belief was not simply a personal attitude or guide for behavior. Theologians have since distilled Adams’s studious call for action into what we call the Five Smooth Stones. Congregations use the stone concepts in sermons, lifespan education and in talking about their faith in action work.

Betsy Johnson is the lay leader.

Congregational Pancake Breakfast (10:00 – 11:30 a.m.)

Peter Lacey will again lead a crew of men from our UU Society in preparing and serving a delicious breakfast to the congregation. Let’s celebrate this Sunday by breaking “bread” with each other. The fellowship of a meal together will serve as our worship.

In lieu of a collection, we do welcome and encourage donations to the UUSA to support the cost of the breakfast.