Month: November 2019

Adult Programing

“Perspectives on Aging in the Valley,” the second outreach/inreach event in the Outreach, Integration and Retention Task Force’s One Night Stand series, was attended by 20 people in late October. The new director of Amherst Senior Services, Mary Beth Ogulewicz, JD, LCSW, shared her … read more.

Choir News – November 2019

Choir news We took an in-choir survey about possibly changing our rehearsal schedule, and decided to keep
the rehearsal time the same as it’s been (Sundays 8:45 – 10:00 a.m) for the time being.

If others in the congregation would like to join the choir, please see … read more.

Message from the President – November 2019

Hello friends,

You might notice that members of the Board of Trustees are wearing badges that say “Ask me about the UUSA
Board of Trustees.” Please do ask these good people about their service to the congregation through board gov-

As you might know, each Unitarian Universalist society … read more.

Minister’s Letter – November 2019

Dear UUSA,

We are growing. We are crossing the boundary from being a small to mid-sized congregation. The board is talking a lot about what this means for us practically, but I’m also thinking about what this means for us spiritually. Milestones are a good time … read more.