Month: April 2020

How to Block Spam or Phishing Emails

You have probably received emails from people you know or don’t know that appear to be spam or a phishing, i.e. asking you for money or gift cards, etc.

Don’t respond to emails from people you don’t know. If they appear to be someone you know, … read more.

ION Corner – April 2020

On March 16, ION (Interfaith Opportunities Network) convened an “ION Earthcare” – a face-to-face meeting of 18 people from eight ION houses of worship involved in environmental issues. The purpose of the meeting was to learn what different faiths were doing as well as to … read more.

Music Notes – April 2020

During this extremely unusual time, I would like to thank everyone for continuing to tune in to services. We have been working diligently (thanks mostly to Lea!) on improving the sound quality of what you hear musically over your computers. I invite feedback and any … read more.

Message from the President – April 2020

Making decisions in times of crisis takes bravery. And, in the case of our minister, a quality of care that is infinitely admirable and laudatory. I want thank Rev. Rachael for making difficult decisions with the health and well-being of our congregation as the primary … read more.

Minister’s Letter – April 2020

Dear UUSA,

In the last three weeks, our lives have changed. We became an online community rather than a physical one. We learned – and are still learning – how to have meaningful worship over Internet and telephone connections. (If you would like some help accessing … read more.