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Music Notes – July 2020

Although I miss you all terribly, it is heartening that we have remained together and connected throughout this difficult time. I love seeing your faces and do wish that we could sing together. I am hoping that in the fall there will be some better … read more.

ION Corner – April 2020

On March 16, ION (Interfaith Opportunities Network) convened an “ION Earthcare” – a face-to-face meeting of 18 people from eight ION houses of worship involved in environmental issues. The purpose of the meeting was to learn what different faiths were doing as well as to … read more.

Music Notes – April 2020

During this extremely unusual time, I would like to thank everyone for continuing to tune in to services. We have been working diligently (thanks mostly to Lea!) on improving the sound quality of what you hear musically over your computers. I invite feedback and any … read more.

Music Notes – January 2020

The Music Committee met on December 8 and discussed a number of matters, including the possibility of pur- chasing a portable house audio system in addition to the house system we currently have, in order to better produce sound for music in our sanctuary and … read more.

Music Notes

We are pleased to announce a new member to the already awesome bass section of our choir. Abe Gelbein is a recent transfer Unitarian Universalist from other parts, and he is a wonderful addition. We thank him and welcome him to the choir!

… read more.