ION Corner – April 2020

On March 16, ION (Interfaith Opportunities Network) convened an “ION Earthcare” – a face-to-face meeting of 18 people from eight ION houses of worship involved in environmental issues. The purpose of the meeting was to learn what different faiths were doing as well as to organize future mutual efforts.

Our regular ION meeting in March, our first Zoom meeting, went well with 15 participants. ION is promoting the Mass Flag Campaign, which seeks to have the MA state seal change. Massachusetts and Mississippi are the only two states in the United States which have racist images on their flag or seal. In Massachusetts, the image shows a sword above an American Native person’s head with the state motto beginning “by this sword we seek peace.” People from ION faiths are asked to call Senator Karen Spilka, President of our State Senate, to show support of change of our state flag/seal.

Mary Beth Seminario, UUSA representative to ION

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