A Note from Our Minister, Rev. Steve Cook, September 2018


Dear Friends of UUSA,

It is with joy and enthusiasm that I greet you as we begin our year together. As well as walking with you, week in and week out, through all of the experiences of church life, I will be especially working with you as you reengage in the search for your next settled minister.

It would be normal and expected if you felt disappointed at not being able to find a minister this year. Some very fine churches and very fine ministers are sometimes not able to secure a match in a particular year, only to find themselves happily settled in the next. This happens for a certain number of our churches in every settlement cycle and almost always proves to be a temporary setback. You should not think there is “something wrong” with UUSA or that your search process was flawed. With high hopes and due diligence, your interim minister and MSC led you through a lot of work in the last two years: meetings, information gathering, filling out a survey, developing a congregational record and so forth; however, this time around it was not to be for you. As you may imagine, churches (and ministers) that experience such an incomplete search are always a bit down. The challenge is then to re-engage the work with renewed energy; I must tell you that I have already experienced that energy in just the few weeks I have been working with UUSA. There is much ahead of us this year and good things are already happening. I look forward to sharing this time with you.

Yours in Unitarian Universalism,

Rev. Steve Cook

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