Along the Way – Rev. Steve Cook – July 2019

Dear Friends,
In our lives there are times when a day or a night can seem endless, when we look at the clock again and again only to be surprised at how little time has passed. Then there are times when we wonder where the month or
even the year has gone, when it seems as if we had just gotten started only to find ourselves suddenly at an end.

Such has been my time of service to UUSA. I cannot say where our eleven months have disappeared and yet they have. When I think of it though, of course I do remember the details: the almost 40 Sundays when I was privileged to lead worship, a double child dedication, much great music, various meetings and projects and most of all, the great members and friends of this exciting congregation. I especially remember the many smiling faces, young and old, at social hour, the Wednesday Community Breakfast and especially the guys around the table at Kelly’s which, along with worship, has been the highlight of my week.

I cannot say that I will miss my weekly stay at the Econo Lodge (although it is a perfectly nice place) nor the four trips to and from Quincy every week. (As I move into my three-year developmental ministry with Hopedale Unitarian Parish, it will be refreshing not to spend the equivalent of a full day’s work each week behind the wheel.)

I look forward with pleasure to following you from afar via Facebook, as I do all the churches I’ve served. While our social media-saturated world can, at times, be too much, the capacity to do this has been a boon to interim ministers. While we support fully the protocol that keeps appropriate boundaries, we care very much about the churches we’ve served, and it’s nice to be able to see how they’re doing. UUSA is a dynamic congregation with lots of talented, hard-working people; you will have plenty of scope for that talent and work as you and Rachael co-create the next chapter in your institutional life. As we go our separate ways, I thought of this poem about relaxation and enjoyment that I’d like to share with you, for that too, is how we make it through this life together.

May the Holy bless and keep you in the time ahead.
As ever in respect and affection,
Reverend Steve

Judges in Summer
by Barry Spacks
Sometimes people who judge and judge
turn lovely in summer, with gin & tonics.
They shop at little roadside stands;
brood in a trance over silks of corn.
Lounging around, still starched from swimming,
they speak mild words in the evening air
and leave the work of keeping up standards
to bickering children, questions of worth
to the waves. In town, in handkerchief dresses,
rumpled white suits, they smile, they visit—
they water the garden; hum with the cat.
In shirt and jeans they climb the rocks
with wine in a thermos, a bag of bread
to throw to those ravenous muscles the gulls—
and there they offer a round of applause
(of the gentle sort once used watching tennis)
to see the fat sun dip away
through its showy orange time.

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