Along the Way – Rev. Steve Cook – November 2018

Dear Members and Friends of UUSA:

As we think about harvest and Thanksgiving, I wanted to share with you this meditation by Percival Chubb, a lovely and sensuous evocation of this glorious time of the year.

“A Harvest of Gratitude

“Once more the fields have ripened to harvest and the fruitful earth has fulfilled the promise of spring. The work of those who labor as been rewarded: They have sown and reaped, planted and gathered. How rich and beautiful is the bounty gathered. The golden grain and clustered corn, the grapes of purple and green. The crimson apples and yellow pears and the colors of orchard and field. Season follows after season, after winter the spring, after summer the harvest-laden autumn. From bud to blossom, from flower to fruit, from seed to bud again, and the beauty of the earth unfolds. From the harvest of the soil we are given occasion to garner a harvest of heart and mind. A harvest of resolve to be careful stewards of all life’s gifts and opportunities. A harvest of reverence for the wondrous power and life at work in the things that grow, and in the soul. A harvest of gratitude for every good which we enjoy, and of fellowship for all who are sustained by earth’s beauty.”

Percival Chubb was not a Unitarian Universalist. He was an Englishman who had been influenced by the ideas of Emerson and Thoreau, then came to this country in the 1930s to advocate for free thought and ethical culture, a spiritual/political movement inspired by religious humanism. His writings and hymn lyrics found a home with us not only because they are beautiful but also because we are open to inspiration and wisdom from many sources.

May your own season of harvest be one of blessing.

Rev. Steve

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