September Offering from the Interim Minister’s Inkwell

A New Year of Possibilities

I have always appreciated the summer months for their warmth, their fecundity, and their adventures. It is al-ways good to have a break from one’s routine and to embrace life from a different perspective. Admittedly, there is an element of sadness to leave the lazy hazy days of this season behind us. There is, however, a stirring of excitement as the cooler breezes of fall bring with them the promise of new beginnings.

As we transition into this new year at UUSA, the Search Committee is busy with all the minutiae that is involved in searching for a settled minister. The Board of Trustees and many other committees are already humming along with plans for a busy, enlightening and empowering year as well. The work of the Society continues with great enthusiasm with open minds, caring hearts, and serving hands. We are all gearing up for a year that will need us to reflect the heart and soul of our UU Purposes and Principles, and we do this best when we join together as one strong body.

Even as we move forward, we do so recognizing those dear members and friends with whom we have had to say good-bye. Sylvia Stoneham, Bob Johnston and Paul Rothery all passed away since our summer hiatus began. They will surely be missed by those who knew and loved them. We also mourn the passing of Martha Kemp, a regular at the Wednesday Community Breakfasts we co-host with Craig’s Doors. In addition, Charlotte Rockland has moved to New York to be closer to her family. We wish her well and hope that she will be able to visit UUSA in the near future. If you know of others who are no longer with us, please let me or the Pastoral Care Team know who they are. We are certainly holding in our hearts those who are suffering at this time in body, mind, and/or spirit.

Given the precarious nature of national and international concerns, we are each being called to bear witness to those higher truths that can only bring healing into our world. Now, perhaps more than ever, we can find our individual strength through our communal sharing. Whatever your journey has been these past few months, wherever life has taken you, may you consider joining us on September 10 for our Ingathering Service as we begin again in love.

      This day we come, once more together,

      As winds of earth call forth our names,

      My people all, from the strength of this circle,

      May we come rejoicing, determined,

      United in love of life, again.

                             – Carolyn McDade

Blessings on this new year of possibilities…

Rev. Cindy

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