Board Starts Seeking Search Committee Candidates in March

The UUSA Board of Trustees will begin contacting each member of the congregation seeking input for candidates for the search committee.  Provided the new by-law passes the process will be as follows;

A. Search Committee. The Search Committee for a Minister shall be composed of seven Active Members of our Congregation. The Congregation will nominate people to serve on the Committee. The Board will present a slate of candidates composed of Members who have been nominated, consulted, and who are willing to serve. The Congregation will vote by secret ballot for Search Committee members at a congregational meeting; nominations will also be accepted from the floor during that meeting. The top four vote-getters on the slate will serve on the Committee. The three additional Search Committee members will be people from the slate or nominated from the floor who are appointed by the Board of Trus-tees to ensure demographic balance on the Search Committee.

If you know someone who would be a good candidate please complete the attached form.

Candidates will be selected in March and April and plans are being made to hold a congregational meeting on May 21 to elect the search committee.

UUSA Search nomination form

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