Coming of Age has exciting plans for the new year


Our middle school youth, and a few 9th graders, have been going through a program called Coming of Age (COA). CoA will meet primarily first and second Sundays from (4:45) 5-6 (But check schedule).  Parent Groups will also meet first and second Sundays from (4:45) 5-6. In May, the group will go on a pilgrimage to UU sites in Boston and Concord.

  • All are encouraged to attend the services on third and fourth Sundays
  • All Spiritual Practice sessions are with mentors (Karen Fisk and Karen Mack) and include time at end for mentors and mentees to talk about their experience


Jan. 7-8: Overnight 7 pm-10 am: Journey from & back to Home

Spiritual Practice: Caring for the Earth (thinking of future generations) with Susan and Steve Rice (8 pm)

Feb. 5: WORK

Feb. 12 or 26: Spiritual Practice: Singing (transcendence) with Lesley Smith

March 5: HOPE

March 12: Spiritual Practice: Making Altars (focus) with Adrie Lester


April 9: Spiritual Practice: Preparing for Pilgrimage with Polly Peterson

May 5-7: Spiritual Practice: Pilgrimage—to Boston and Concord and Walden Pond

Day One:

  • UU Urban Ministry, UUSC, and/ or UUA
  • Overnight, possibly at Arlington Street Church (tour for certain), possibly at a hotel

Day Two:

  • Boston Common, Kings Chapel, Holocaust Memorial, Faneuil Hall for Lunch
  • Framingham UU Church (overnight) possibly at a hotel

Day Three:

  • Travel to Concord for church (Sunday morning)
  • Visit Sleepy Hollow Cemetery and various UUs buried there (Sunday before lunch)
  • Visit Walden Pond (Lunch)

 May 20-21: Overnight to Prepare for Coming of Age Service

May 21: Celebratory Service of Coming of Age

June 3-4: A camping and hiking trip, Mount Monadnock, NH

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