Connecticut River Clean-Up Highly Successful

getting-organizedOn a Saturday in September, Steve Rice, Sophie and Pete Rogers, Carolyn Cave, Anne Perkins, Darcy Dumont, Ron and Louise Grosslein, Katie Rice, Bo Mack, Karen Fisk and Glen Bertrand and the UUSA Youth Group and Coming of Age group met at the Connecticut River and collected trash from 5 or 6 areas near the water. Sites we’ve worked on regularly for some years were much better this time around, with the usual bottles and cans (which we mostly cleaning-the-river-alsorecycled) but much less household trash and construction debris than usual.The exception was a new site recently discovered, which the Youth Group and Coming of Age creyouth-and-plymoth-sept-24-2016w tackled, that yielded huge tires, lots of metal, and even large chunks of an old car, in addition to lots of smaller trash. Congratulations to all hands for a job well done!

Louise and Ron did some tire hunting by canoe earlier in the month, fishing 15 tires from the water in two days. With Andy Fisk’s help, we took these up to Greenfield to the trash collection center and lunch celebration party at the Green River Swimming and Recreation Area, and were honored with an award from the Connecticut River Watershed Council. In truth, they are the ones that deserve the award- they lead the effort to clean up years of accumulated trash in and around the river, and also change the culture, making dumping much less acceptable. It’s a pleasure to be part of it!huge-piece-of-pipe-schlepped-by-zoe-glen in-the-sugarloaf-streamshane-cleaning-the-riversteve-and-sophie

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