February Backpack Collection A Great Success

On February 9 we had a special “breakout” service organized by the UUSA Religious Education (RE) Ministry. In the past, RE asked people at breakout services to choose between music, conversation, art and action, nd they heard people say, “It is so hard to choose!” This year RE Ministry set up the breakout groups in a way so that they didn’t have to choose, because each group had a little bit of conversation, did a small amount of art, some action and some music.

Four weeks before the service, we began collecting items for a backpack project supported and run by A Project of St John’s Episcopal Church in Ashfield & the Franklin and the County Transition from Jail to Community Task Force (TJC). Here’s the great news: The UUSA collected and packed 16 backpacks and an additional five or six boxes of items that could be used by the group to pack more packs!

The photo shows Brenda Miller leading the congregation in singing How Could Anyone. After we sang together, we blessed the packs with backpack charms we had made for our own Back Pack service in the fall.

Again, thanks to all who helped make this worship service a success.

Rebecca Fricke

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