Fundraising Tag Sale a Huge Success!

Our final fundraising event of the year, the Big BIG Tag Sale, was a huge success on all counts. Our teams of volunteers representing various ministries did a fabulous job of collecting donations, setting up, selling and cleaning up. We easily had 40-50 volunteers involved in making the Tag Sale a success. Thanks to the following groups that participated: Board of Trustees, Choir, Sunday Services, Caring Circle, Religious Education, and two Small Group Ministries. Special thanks also to Helen Blatz and Lauren Croce who set up outside and helped steer people inside, Rachel Peterson who hosted her own table, donated morning goodies for volunteers and counted all the money, and a very special thanks to Sue Hanley, who also set up a lovely display outside with new children’s clothes and shoes from her former store. This was a big draw, and income from Sue’s merchandise alone accounted for about 1/4 of our total income for this event.

While our fund-raising goal was $2000, we actually raised a gross total of $3013.75! After minimal expenses of $129.66 for signage and advertising, our net income was $2884.09.

Finally, a very informal survey of some shoppers revealed that people learned about our tag sale from a variety of sources, including friends and neighbors (the most frequent answer), signs, Gazette ad, and Facebook postings.
Sandy Sladen

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