Green Sanctuary News – June 2020

Make Your Voice Be Heard on Climate Change

As we observe the impacts of the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is clear that our government at every level is unprepared for current threats to our well-being. I believe that climate change is another such threat on the near horizon. Climate change is expected to contribute to more diseases as animals move to new locations and come newly into contact with people. Warmer average temperatures also make existing illnesses like Lyme disease a bigger problem, as the animals that carry those diseases can more easily survive during the winter.

Despite policies that have already been implemented, we are continuing to emit more carbon pollution year- after-year, making it more difficult to hit targets required to avert the worst impacts of climate change.

In the 2020 session of the Massachusetts legislature, there have been many promising bills for more aggressive climate action. As of May, many of the most effective climate bills have been stalled. However, the end of the legislative session is being extended and it is a great opportunity to write, email or call your representative.

Click to our Make Your Voices Heard page for a starter kit of letter, petition link and contact information of your representatives to help make your voice heard on climate change.

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