Green Sanctuary News – Local Climate Activism – Sunrise Movement

By Allison Brau

In the past few months, a youth-led climate justice movement known as the Sunrise Movement has exploded across the country. The movement, founded in 2017, gained traction and made national headlines last November, and this year has grown from only fifteen hubs to over 200 local chapters.

The Amherst hub, of which I am a member, recently brought people to Boston for the September 20 Climate Strike, and we are looking forward to the next global climate strike in early December. Stay tuned! We are also working with the town council to push for local climate action.

In the long term, the movement’s goals are to put the climate crisis front and center in the national conversation, help the public feel the crisis, get out the vote for the next election, and build to an overwhelming strike in 2021 to put immense pressure on our elected officials to take action on the climate crisis. To sign up for the National Sunrise Movement newsletter, visit Sign up for the Amherst Sunrise Movement mailing list at

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