Green Sanctuary News – The Food Co-op is Coming to Town

The Common Share Food Coop is coming to town! The Co-op now has 645 members and needs 1000 total to secure funding and move ahead with plans for a store in Amherst.

The store will feature local, organic, sustainably grown produce, meat and dairy products, as well as conventional food. The location will be reachable by public transportation. It will provide for one-stop shopping by carrying a full line of groceries and household products. Common Share Food Co-op will be owned collectively by its members and workers, who will have a strong voice in its governance. Finally, the Co-op will be a gathering space to bring members of the community together.

The Green Sanctuary Committee enthusiastically supports Common Share Food Co-op and urges you to join! Becoming a member is easy and affordable. The Co-op will benefit the environment, contribute to economic and social justice, promote physical health, and build community—one more step toward the important goal of sustainability.

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