Green Sanctuary – October 2020

Update on the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge

Last month, the Green Sanctuary Committee urged UUSA members to engage our political leaders in the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge. We set up a toolkit to help you either encourage those who have NOT signed it to do so, or thank those who have.

Anne Perkins reached out both to Sen. Jo Comerford and Rep. Mindy Domb, both who had yet to sign it. The results were Jo signed it, and Mindy gave an informal pledge. She wrote, “My policy has been once elected to refrain from policy pledges associated with different organizations. I hope my actions will speak for my goals, intentions, etc. … please know that I do not – and will not ever – accept funds from the fossil fuel industry or the nuclear industry in any respect, and I am deeply committed to actively working to remove all public financial subsidies from the fossil fuel and nuclear industries.”

We are encouraged by these responses and encourage you to take the time to thank them.

As far as those running in November who have yet to sign, that leaves Tracy Lovvom, who is running against US Rep. Jim McGovern, who has signed the pledge. Tracy may need a little encouragement.

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