ION Corner – May 2020

At its April Zoom meeting, ION (Interfaith Opportunities Network) decided to have a program in October about the Native Peoples. This year marks the 400th anniversary of the Plymouth landing by the Pilgrims. After an initial harmonious relationship between the Indigenous People and the Pilgrims, Indigenous People were murdered by the introduction of small pox into their community and dispossessed of their ancestral home. Their spiritually-based and tribal culture came under full assault by the European-dominated and US power structure through the following centuries, continuing even today, robbing Native Peoples of their lands. This ION program is in conjunction with events being planned by the New England Peace Pagoda to highlight important places and events in this history, most of which Americans were never taught, and to learn more about the Native Peoples’ cultures. To sign a petition to continue to protect the homeland of the Mashpee tribe of the Wampanoag’s, click on this link. Respectfully, Mary Beth Seminario, UUSA representative to ION.

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