Message from the President – April 2020

Making decisions in times of crisis takes bravery. And, in the case of our minister, a quality of care that is infinitely admirable and laudatory. I want thank Rev. Rachael for making difficult decisions with the health and well-being of our congregation as the primary decision-driver. And I ask our congregation to respond with compassion and gratitude, recognizing this leadership.

As we all navigate uncharted territory in the response to Coronavirus, we need to support one another with loving-kindness, patience, and recognition of leadership as charting the way forward for all of us to follow. Thank you Rev. Rachael.

Hello friends,

Diversity takes many forms. Among those is how we like to worship. Some people cannot wait for Joys and Concerns, while others grit their teeth and wait for it to be over. Some people love the spoken meditation, others revel in moments of complete silence (maybe sweetened by the burble of a baby). Some yearn to hear stories that illuminate, others prefer music, music, music.

If you read this article from the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations – Reasons for Adding a Second Service – you will see a number of good reasons to increase our outreach by adding more than one service. Among those good reasons is that not everyone worships in the same way.

Our current service is much beloved. Especially by those who attend. Many people do not attend though, because it really is not meeting their needs. We don’t know those people necessarily because they are not there. Would they be there if we offered a meditation-centered service? Or a sermon and prayer service? Or a week- day night Vespers service?

Unitarian Universalism is a powerful faith – a life-changing, life-affirming, evolving faith that places hope at its heart and reason at its head. I want more than anything as a UU to share my faith with as many people as possible because I believe it makes a difference to preach the inherent worth and dignity of people. I believe it makes a difference to hear our minister say: Everyone is important. The person you love is important, the person you had a fight with last week is important, the person you do not know is important.

As we continue our discussion of adding to our already beloved service offering, it is important to remember diversity and honor difference.

Yours in faith, Karen Fisk, President. Board of Trustees

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