Message from the President – December 2019

Hello friends,

As we immerse ourselves in a season of giving, please consider the ministries of our congregation. Consider the impact of what we do here simply by gathering together with the intention of worship. Consider the many ways we reach out to each other and to the larger world when we are not in our sanctuary. Consider the people we help support through salaries. Consider the message we embody as Unitarian Universalists in an ever-changing world that needs us to stay awake and alert. Consider how you yourself give back in time and talent and money.

My own Unitarian Universalist path has deeply influenced every aspect of my life — from being a family member to being a team member at my place of employment to being a volunteer in this community and others to being a person who wants to make a positive difference in the world. I am deeply grateful to this faith and all the systems that surround it for helping to shape who I am. Unitarian Universalism is all about fostering relationships of deep respect, encouraging freedom that also recognizes responsibility, and so importantly, nurturing awe and with that awe hope.

When I work at the job that pays me money, I am also working for our congregation, because a part of that money becomes a part of the congregation. I regularly drop a check for my annual pledge into the collection plate and I write another check for the designated offering. Sometimes I just reach into my wallet and drop cash into the plate because I know my money at this congregation will help sustain HOPE.

We are establishing a yearlong Stewardship Ministry to help sustain our mission and our congregation — and our staff and building and the Wednesday Breakfast program and religious education for all ages and, and, and . . . Stewardship, of course, is more than just collecting monetary funds. Stewardship means taking care of something. I would add in the case of our Society, stewardship is taking care of a system of thinking and being that will move us all forward for generations to come. Stewardship in our case is sustaining hope. If you have interest in helping our congregation with this ministry, please contact any member of the Board and let them know. We need you.

In this season of giving, in this part of the year that reminds us of the nurturing closeness of the dark and the wondrous elation of the light, consider dedicating time to helping our congregation raise funds and embody the spiritual practice of generosity — in all forms — through the Stewardship Ministry.

May we all embody our Unitarian Universalism together as we continue to expand the embrace of life-changing acceptance and love and most important HOPE.

Yours in faith, Karen

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