Message from the President – Karen Fisk – June 2019

Hello friends,

Consistency and change—well-balanced and always with the good of the congregation as primary motivator—is helpful for positive outcomes.
We have had a lot of change these past years. And we have stayed consistent in nurturing a strong, supportive, faith community that is ever growing and ever learning together.

Much of the change we have experienced has led to very positive discoveries and outcomes. We have re-thought systems—such as how we administer our finances—to create new systems that work better with greater transparency.

The Board this year has asked all committees to consider creating a mission statement, yearly goals, and terms for chairs along with nurturing new leadership by inviting new people onto the committees. The Board feels this model is important to longevity and variety and openness in committee work.

The Board also is in great support of the model of the Council of Chairs, which Rev. Steve has helped to convene this year, following Cindy’s leadership. The Council of Chairs allows our committee leadership to meet regularly, share their goals, schedules, and concerns with each other. Not only does this meeting give everyone an opportunity to know more about each other, on a practical level it helps us create a better calendar with less conflicts and it helps us negotiate rentals. The energy of our many committees and their commitment to positive goals is amazing and this congregation can feel very good about this work.

The Board has also been working on consistency. We no longer have a current policy book—somewhere along the line, that fell away. This year the Board has re-instituted the practice of keeping record of policies in a Board Handbook. Many committees currently use digital storage that allows them to easily retrieve policies they have created. This will be helpful to all moving forward.

For many years, the president of the Board has served a one-year term. This year, after discussions over the past five years, we have decided to extend the president’s term (and the vice president’s term) to two years. We hope that by giving the Board consistent leadership—with the hope that all presidents and vice presidents moving forward serve this beloved congregation for four to six years (two as vice president, two as president, and two as past president, an optional service) —we will continue to nurture well-trained and well-informed servant-leaders.

More on all of this to come at our Annual Meeting, which is June 2 at noon. Please join us.

Yours in faith, Karen

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