Message from the President – Karen Fisk – September 2019

Hello friends,

The Board is primed to begin an exciting new year with our settled minister Rachael Hayes. We will have a retreat together in September facilitated by the New England UUA to help us all get to know each other and set our priorities for the year.

Among those priorities is establishing ongoing financial stewardship through a committee dedicated to this task. This Stewardship Committee will replace our Pledge Drive Task Force and work closely with the Membership Committee, Fundraising Committee, and Rev. Rachael to help all friends and members of this beloved community understand the importance of ongoing financial support for our good works and beautiful meetinghouse.

Just outside the office, there is a Board Bulletin Board where you can find the schedule for Board meetings (third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.), approved minutes, a financial dashboard report, and other information that might be of interest. You can also find a photo that identifies Board members (also check out the “Our Elected Leaders page on the website). Please always feel free to ask Board members questions and make suggestions.

Requests to be included in the Board agenda must be made by the first Wednesday of the month. All reports must be submitted in writing by the second Wednesday of the month, to ensure all Board members will have an opportunity to read the report. Time at the Board meeting is limited to responses to reports. You can send requests to and

As always, our most important yearly goal is to continue to embody this thriving and beloved faith community shored up by the principles and sources of a remarkable and reasonable faith: Unitarian Universalism.

Yours in faith, Karen

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