Message from the President – March 2020

Hello friends,

At the end of this month we will be asking all member and friends of the UUSA to make a monetary commitment to this congregation. For those who are recent arrivals to church—the pledge drive is an annual event that collects monetary pledges from the congregation in order to plan our budget for the next fiscal year.

This talk of money and budgets might sound not so spiritual. And yet, it is one of the many ways we each make a step with faith toward a more equitable and just future—a future that depends on a present fueled by hope. The financial stewardship of our congregation helps us realize our mission of our collective search for truth and meaning.

There will be much more information shared about the pledge drive by Joe Flueckiger, who is leading our campaign this year, along with a team of congregants who are ready to ask each of us to help sustain our future. (As we all know, asking for money is not easy. Please help this team by listening and responding with generosity.)

Pledging to the church is not necessarily a once-a-year thought process. Stewardship, as this caring generosity is often called, is yearlong—lifelong, really. Jeanne Ballantine and another team of congregants are working to establish a Stewardship Ministry that considers monetary support of the church in a holistic sense in the context of spiritual practice. Please look for more information from Jeanne and her ministry. Your pledge and donations are used to pay for the operation of the UUSA—staffing, committee and ministry work, building maintenance, religious education, outreach to the local community, our annual pledge to the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations. Ultimately, though, your pledge helps sustain a force that makes sense in a world that often runs counter to our highest ideals.

Your pledge helps sustain a sacred space that nurtures and sustains each and all of us to step back into the world with conviction, strength, and most important HOPE.

Yours in faith, Karen

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