Message from the President – September 2020

Before I get excited about the beginning of our “church” year, I want to reflect on the wonderful summer services we have enjoyed. Years ago a friend said to me, “All of us have at least one good sermon in us.” After attending our summer services, I believe this to be true.

The variety of topics has been rich; the speakers (most coming from our congregation) have shared their wisdom, experience and personal stories.

Being somewhat of a “UU” junkie, I have attended other “virtual” services in other UU communities this summer. Many are prerecorded and flawless, the content timely and relevant. But something about our LIVE and imperfect Zoom services just makes my heart burst open. Moments like when Janis Gray couldn’t get the beeswax candle to light, and when speakers had to begin again because they forgot to “unmute,” and particu- larly when we sang our closing circle song, and I saw many of us humbly placing our hands over our hearts….these moments are meaningful.

These services have been recorded and can be accessed through our website, if you want to visit them.

Besides the summer Sunday services, I want to give a “shout out” to Jacy Armenti, who has provided weekly Zoom sessions for as many as seven pre-schoolers. That’s amazing, and a phenomenal attendance for summer Sundays! It speaks to the importance of providing our very youngest members with an opportunity to be engaged in this spiritual community.

This Fall, our congregation has the opportunity to participate in an intensive learning and workshop series called “Beloved Conversations.” The series addresses the hard work of recognizing patterns of white privilege, institutional racism and other oppressions within ourselves, our congregation and beyond. More information about this workshop can be found elsewhere in this newsletter

Also in this newsletter, look for information on how to participate in our annual Connecticut River Cleanup. The Green Sanctuary Committee will be providing guidelines on how to participate in a safe way, offering our spiritual community an opportunity to demonstrate our support of our 7th Principle.

And, September brings the return of our vibrant minister!! Rev. Rachaels presence will infuse all of our committees and “communities” with fresh energy. Please welcome her home.
In community,
Susan Rice

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