Ministerial Search Committee July-August 2017 Update

Hello from your Ministerial Search Committee! July and August have been very busy and all members of the committee have jumped into this work with both feet.

Our most important work has been the creation and fine tuning of our Congregational Survey. This survey will help to create a meaningful picture of our congregation’s current demographics, our values, and our vision of the UUSA’s role in our lives as well as create a profile for our ministerial search. A key component is that the survey is ANONYMOUS, so that everyone can feel comfortable giving honest feedback. Watch for the survey roll-out in late August and early September.

In early October, we will have cottage meetings which have been planned at various locations including our Meetinghouse, members’ homes and Applewood. These meetings will allow us to sit with our fellow UUs and talk about areas of growth and concern, individual needs and wants, and our collective hopes and aspirations for our Society.

Following this information gathering, we have planned another important event! SAVE the DATE—Sunday, October 22, 2017—Beyond Categorical Thinking

Beyond Categorical Thinking is a program designed by the UUA to promote inclusive thinking and prevent unfair discrimination during a congregation’s search for a settled minister. Everyone, young and old, is encouraged to attend. We have embarked upon a journey. We know many of the stops along the way, but we do not know what may come up along the path. The hardest part of this journey is trusting the process. We want to make the process as transparent as possible. Please, ask questions and we’ll provide answers to the best of our ability.

In Gratitude & Service, Carolyn Cave, Jennifer Chylack, Lisa Cyr, Mary Herman, Anne Perkins, Steve Rice

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