Ministerial Search Committee Update – May 18, 2018

Dear Friends,

We’re writing with a brief update on our search for an interim minister to lead us through
the next year. If you were at the service last Sunday, you heard us announce that we were
close to sealing the deal with a highly experienced interim with great qualifications.
Unfortunately, before we were able to cross the t’s and dot the i’s the candidate withdrew
for personal reasons.

The good news is that we got higher than typical interest from ministers in Round 1 of
the interim search and drew in highly qualified candidates. More good news is that we
are fortunate to live in Massachusetts, the hotbed of UUism! There are many interim
ministers in New England and several who are still in search, so we remain confident of
finding a great interim minister for the coming year. And, the Search Committee remains
on the job! We have had a string of disappointments, but we are strong and healthy and
every time we go on the market we get more validation of the vitality of our congregation.

Speaking of going on the market, the plan is to re-start our settled minister search in the
coming year while we do more reflection and fine-tuning of our search materials. That
means electing a new Search Committee for the upcoming search. The congregation
needs new energy and a fresh perspective for the new search and hence a new search

Serving on the search committee is surprisingly rewarding. Reading minister’s records,
interviewing and sharing social time with them, visiting other UU congregations to hear
them preach, talking with their referents – it all brings a new appreciation of the ways of
being a UU. Please consider nominating yourself or another member for the search
committee. Without a doubt the search is a huge commitment, but like other huge
commitments, it comes with real gifts. Search committee members not only learn much
about the congregation and the denomination, they also deepen relationships throughout
the congregation and with each other, and they hold the hopes of the congregation.
Serving is hard work but extremely meaningful – dare we say – deeply spiritual work.
Feel free to talk with a search committee member to learn more about the task. If you
would like to nominate yourself or another (with their knowledge), use the nomination
form here or that you will find available at upcoming Sunday services. This may be
the most valuable service you will ever offer the society.

Thank you for your continued devotion to this very special congregation and your
support of the current search committee: Carolyn, Jenn, Lisa, Mary, Anne, and Steve.

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