Ministerial Search Committee – December Update

Ministerial Search Committee Update !!!

The new year brings one of the most exciting times of our ministerial search! Your crack Search Committee has spent the past several months gathering your ideas, hopes, and dreams; preparing a comprehensive Congrega-tional Record and Packet for ministers in search to review; and we’re ready to be busier than ever. We’ve heard from our UU Ministerial Search Representative that the products we developed are impressive, and true to the results of the survey and cottage meetings. Ministers who are in search have had all of December to review the Congregational Records of congregations seeking a new minister.

The search is now in earnest as we await ministers telling us they’d like to be considered. Once we’ve read their Ministerial Record, and if we’re interested in going further, we’ll exchange packets.

This is the phase where confidentiality for the Search Committee’s work becomes extremely important. Some candidates may have not told their present congregation that they’re in search, and would prefer not to do so unless and until they receive and accept an offer from another congregation.

We’ll be narrowing the field of candidates to those we want to get to know better. We’ll then conduct Skype interviews with the most promising candidates, and check primary and secondary references with probing ques-tions in order to better understand strengths and noteworthy accomplishments as well as any past concerns. From that group, we’ll choose 3-4 candidates to preach at “neutral pulpits” – churches where neither we nor they are known – and spend from Friday through Sunday of that weekend in interviews and casual conversations over meals. Needless to say, you won’t be seeing much of us for a while.

We thank you for your love and support along the way, and wish you all a very Happy New Year!

Ministerial Search Committee:

Carolyn Cave (chair), Jenn Chylack, Lisa Cyr, Mary Herman, Anne Perkins, Steve Rice

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