Ministerial Search Report – April 2019

By the time you read this, we will have finished our three pre-candidating weekends. On one memorable snowy Sunday, we planned to meet at 7:30 a.m. in the CVS parking lot. Charlie had borrowed a Valley Transporter van, so we knew we had a professional driver to navigate the slippery roads as we headed north. Some of us are challenged by early mornings in the best of circumstances. That Sunday was the first day of Daylight Savings Time, which hardly qualifies as a good day to have a deadline that’s earlier than usual. There were various issues with failed alarms, including one frantic moment when Louise grabbed a remote and tried to answer it instead of picking up the nearby phone that was ringing. (Daylight Savings Time – remember? It was dark!) Our committee has had some fun times together during the search, along with a certain amount of stress and strain. But we are still a solid group, moving along through the process. And Louise may find a new place for the remote that usually lives right next to her phone!

Thanks to Polly Peterson who preached at a neutral pulpit for us. We had set it up to give ourselves some flexibility, but didn’t end up using it. Polly reported that the weather was terrible that Sunday, too, with icy roads on the way to the service. Everything worked out well for her and we are very grateful for her help!

In late March we sent our ranked list of ministers to the UUA. We certainly hope one of them will end up being our official candidate. If so, that minister will spend a week with the whole congregation in April.
SAVE THE DATES! April 28 through May 5: Assuming we are fortunate enough to find a match for our congregation, we will invite them to come here for Candidating Week. During that week, Rev. Steve would be away, and the candidate would serve as our minister.

April 28: The candidate for minister would lead our Sunday service. We would have a lunch for the minister and the congregation after the service.
April 29 – May 4: Committees, staff and congregants would meet with the minister/candidate.
May 5: The candidate minister would lead a second Sunday service. We would have a congregational meeting after the service when members would vote on whether they think the minister would be a good fit for our congregation. If so, we would “call” the minister to serve our congregation.

As of April, we will be able to tell you whether or not we have a candidate. If not, we’ll stay in confidentiality mode as we continue to try and find a minister. If we do have a candidate, we will join you in looking forward to candidating week. Thank you for trusting us to do this work for all of us.

Carol Johnson, Charlie Atwood, Janis Gray, Kiana Diggs, Sue Kelly, Jess Murphy and Louise Grosslein (co-chairs)

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