Minister’s Letter – January 2020

Dear UUSA,

Happy new year! I hope you have begun 2020 in a way that is meaningful to you and are excited to meet the new year.

For me, making resolutions is less about starting fresh than reflecting on what has inspired me in the past and figuring out how to do more of it. And when I think of our December holidays, I was so inspired by your presence in worship, participating from the congregation and leading: Carolyn Holstein playing “Come and Find the Quiet Center” and Casey Attebery and Laura Fortin and their daughters singing “We Shall Be Known” during the Solstice service; Naomi Yanis reading “The Shamash is the Tall One” during the Hanukkah service; Jason Threlfall singing “If They Came Looking” during the second Christmas Eve service. Thank you to everyone who helped to make our holidays so jolly: Brenda and the choir and our guest musicians, our member musicians listed above, the greeters and sanctuary keepers. What I would love in 2020 is to have more of you in the services each week. Please let me know if you like to read, if you have a secret musical talent, if you want to help with services in some way I haven’t yet mentioned. I would love to find more ways for you to participate in this daring enterprise of making meaning together.

What we do together is so much more than what we can do individually. This month, we’ll be thinking a lot in worship about what it means for us to come together. I knew right away that this is not a Sunday-only religious community. Committees, meals, small groups – this congregation wants to be together. I love this about UUSA. We don’t only show up to grow individually; we grow in relationship with one another.

In 2020, may our relationships continue to deepen. May we meet one another with loving curiosity. May we grow deeper into our mission and our vision for the future. May we be so blessed.

In faith,
Rev. Rachael

PS: Word on the minister grapevine is that the gift card scam is going around again, by phony email addresses and now by text message as well. Here’s a reminder that neither I nor anyone from UUSA will contact you and ask you to purchase anything in this way. Don’t reply to these messages – email directly if you’re concerned it might be a real request – but please let us know if you’re targeted. As always, let’s steward our benevolence for those who seek our help in good faith.

Lunch with the Minister: Thursday, January 16 at 12:30 p.m., Minister’s Study.

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