Music Notes – April 2020

During this extremely unusual time, I would like to thank everyone for continuing to tune in to services. We have been working diligently (thanks mostly to Lea!) on improving the sound quality of what you hear musically over your computers. I invite feedback and any expert advice on the subject! I hope you have been enjoying the sound of my lovely Bechstein piano, which soon, as with all instruments, will be going out of tune. I will have to decide whether to have my tuner come in to my house or not.

CHOIR SUNDAY Well, Choir Sunday is not going to be the Choir Sunday we are all accustomed to. HOWEVER, we are brainstorming to come up with something meaningful and entertaining for you in some shape or form for Sunday, April 26. Please stay tuned, and again, if anyone has good computer/sound engineering/ editing skills, we could use your assistance in this project. Thanks so much. Please just contact me (email ad- dress is in our online directory, or ask Lea). Iā€™m all ears!!

Brenda Miller, Music Director

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