Music Notes – January 2020

The Music Committee met on December 8 and discussed a number of matters, including the possibility of pur- chasing a portable house audio system in addition to the house system we currently have, in order to better produce sound for music in our sanctuary and Social Hall. Jason Threlfall is looking into prices for used systems. We are planning to meet again in January or February. If anyone has a nice system they would like to sell or do- nate, please see Jason or Maura Whalen. Thank you!

The choir will be beginning to work on music for Choir Sunday soon, which will be April 26.

We are pleased to welcome new members Susan Cummings, Joy Southwell, Laura Fortin, and David Driver!! We are a growing group! We work hard and have a lot of fun preparing and presenting music for services.

Brenda Miller, Music Director

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