Music Notes – July 2020

Although I miss you all terribly, it is heartening that we have remained together and connected throughout this difficult time. I love seeing your faces and do wish that we could sing together. I am hoping that in the fall there will be some better technology so that the choir can do more projects.

I want to thank you all for the importance you place on the music in our services. Rev. Rachael and I have had a very compatible and pleasant working relationship, and have worked very diligently and thoughtfully to put together music that coincides with the theme of each service. She is so thoughtful and absolutely inclusive of every kind of person and every kind of music. It is sometimes challenging to be certain to come up with relevant and moving music for each service. It is one of the most time-consuming yet interesting parts of my position as Music Director at the UUSA.

I want to wish everyone a pleasant summer, with as many opportunities for connection and outdoor activities as possible. I will be intermittently resting my brain from this work and collecting ideas for our next season together.

With my best wishes for your good health,

Brenda Miller
Director of Music, UUSA she/her/hers

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