Music Notes

We are pleased to announce a new member to the already awesome bass section of our choir. Abe Gelbein is a recent transfer Unitarian Universalist from other parts, and he is a wonderful addition. We thank him and welcome him to the choir!

If anyone else is interested (hello TENORS!) in joining our fantastic group, just come on by at 8:45 a.m. on just about any given Sunday morning for rehearsal in the sanctuary. Do contact me before coming so I can put you on the email list, and inform you of any off weeks. If you have been a member and have been away from the group for a while, that’s totally okay – and please feel free to re-join whenever you can!!

Preliminary reports for the annual CHOIR SUNDAY are just in! The date is MAY 19, and I hear that the choir will be presenting a flurry of mad mad madrigals from around the world!! Stay tuned for more information and if you want to participate, start coming to rehearsals soon as we will be working on the music bit by bit, week by week.

Yours in music, Brenda Miller Music Director

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