Musings from our Music Director

Our community is so blessed with much talent and appreciation for music. For that I am certainly grateful. It makes my position as your Music Director a very joyful and fulfilling one. I want to thank everyone for your support, engagement, and encouragement. It is an honor and a privilege to serve as your music director.

Our choir is quite extraordinary. For a relatively small group of core members, we manage to present music almost every week, and our members are required to learn their music on a pretty short turnaround! We only rehearse on Sunday mornings.

Even though we look crowded up there some of the time, we are always open to more members!! We of course particularly need tenors (doesn’t everyone?) of any gender. If you love to sing – ESPECIALLY IN THAT TENOR RANGE!! – please consider joining our fun and dedicated group.

And the next time you see a member of the choir, thank them for their hard work and the contribution they may provide to your experience at the UUSA!!! Many of our members not only serve on the choir, but in many
other less visible capacities in the Society, as many of you do as well.
So thank you all for making the UUSA a place of community, energy, caring, and spirituality for all.

We will be doing another stellar Choir Sunday, this year (2019) on May 19. Content TBA!! Stay tuned, and thanks again for your enthusiasm for the music program here at the UUSA!

Brenda Miller Music Director

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