March Musings from the Interim Minister’s Inkwell: Turning the Corner on Winter and the Interim Process

You can feel the shift beginning. There are noticeable changes around us as the winter season begins its slow shift toward spring. For some of us it cannot happen fast enough, and for the lovers of snow and cold, the lin-gering weeks of winter are to be savored and enjoyed. Whatever camp you happen to be in, the reality is that -3- the seasons will change in their own time regardless of our persistent or latent desires. I suppose one could say the same for the transition between the interim period and settled ministry. It is coming, and the methodical and important process has begun, ready or not. What does this look like and what does it mean? STAY TUNED! You will be getting lots of information as it becomes available from the Board of Trustees. Choosing a Search Committee will include input from the entire congregation. Once that important group of people is secured, they will have a retreat with our UUA Transitions Representative and begin the very detailed work of preparing for the search process. It is a long, slow, and com-prehensive process that has been tweaked considerably over the years, and is constantly being updated according to changing times. Once the Search Committee has gathered needed information from the Society, it goes into “sequestered” mode, where they work within a code of confidentiality as they review the work and backgrounds of potential candidates and then begin the pre-candidating interviews to choose the minister they would like to present to the congregation. For the potential candidates, it is the longest interview process, EVER; however, it is meant to inspire the best possible match . . . and that is what this whole endeavor is all about . . . finding the best settled minister for UUSA. While the wheels are turning and the work towards that final goal is in gear, life and ministry at UUSA contin-ues. In the interim period, we are all engaged in the ministry of the Society. Worship, RE, pastoral care, com-mittee work, education, social outreach all continue to hum along, and will continue to do so until a new settled minister is put in place. With that in mind, please know that I feel very privileged to serve as your interim min-ister, and that along with the rest of the staff will do all that I can to help keep this wonderful community healthy and strong until the day comes to “pass the pulpit and corner office” to your next minister. In good faith, peace, and warmth . . . Rev. Cindy

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