New Beginnings – Rev. Cindy Frado

The difference between December 31st and January 1st from a basic observational point of view is marginal (unless one imbibed too much on the former and has a whopping headache on the latter). Certainly, a minute or two more sunlight is nothing at which to scoff, but other than that there isn’t a momentous difference from one day to the other. The exception, of course, is that magical line of demarcation between one year and the next.

It is truly amazing how profound that marker between the past and the future impacts us in so many ways. There are some years that we cannot wait to leave behind, while others that held such joy and promise that we hate to see them end. Clearly, this was not one of those years for most of us on a national level…and unfortu-nately, we will be carrying much of the craziness and angst into the one set before us. HOWEVER, the real magic of the precipice upon which we are now balanced is the hope and promise of the dawning light—personally, communally, and fingers crossed, politically.

In terms of this faith community, it is the anticipation of a ministerial candidate who might be called to lead UUSA into the coming years that holds much promise. It is certainly an exciting time to dream; a time to envision where you want to go and what you need to take you there. I certainly know that this is a wonderful congregation to serve, and a settled minister will find many opportunities to bring you into a bright and vibrant future.

My prayer for you, both personally and as a congregation, is that this will be a year

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