Notes from the President – Karen Fisk – February 2019

Hello friends,
As we greet our new year the Board is occupied with our next budget and preparations for the canvass. Our treasurer, Peter Lacey, reached out to the committee chairs to find out what their budget needs might be for next year, incorporating those needs into the draft budget. We will post all information as soon as possible so that all Congregation members and friends will be aware of our financial hopes.

The Council of Chairs met in January with Rev. Steve leading a discussion of how this Council can function as a way for all committees to stay aware of schedules, needs, news. One objective for the Council of Chairs is to take care of issues that need not go to the Board in order to keep the Board functions focused on policy and visioning for the Congregation.

One vision the Board has is of a leadership succession model that continues to pull in and nurture new leadership—allowing our Congregation to flourish with shared commitment to the good health and vitality of the Congregation.

Here is an overview of what leadership succession might look like:
Leadership Succession would be a transition mechanism to bring new individuals to head congregational committees. The process used by the Religious Education Committee was cited as one approach that may work for some other committees. New members know the length of their term of service, participate in setting committee goals/objectives, work to set a budget, and engage in a “retreat” or other community-building experience. This model may not be applicable to all groups, but some variation of this model might be employed.

This could benefit the congregation in several ways:
 Members wouldn’t feel obliged to continue as committee heads ad infinitum.
 Opportunities for other members to take on a leadership role would be opened.
 A larger number of members with experience at the head of a group could provide a better pool of candidates for other congregational leadership positions.
 The church’s Leadership Team, made up of previous board presidents—Joe Flueckiger, Tom Fricke, and Bo Mack—has traditionally had responsibility for identifying prospective candidates for leadership positions. This team’s work could be made easier and the congregation might be better served if committee leadership were broadened and more members took on leadership roles.

Yours in faith, Karen

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