October News from the Ministerial Search Committee

October was a busy month for our congregation in its search for a new minister. We’ve asked a lot of you these past few months — to complete a lengthy survey, participate in cottage meetings, and attend the Beyond Cate- gorical Thinking (BCT) workshop. The Committee has also interviewed individual members of the staff and our youth. The Ministerial Search Committee thanks all of you for your enthusiastic participation. Thanks to your valuable and thoughtful insights, we are proceeding with confidence in finalizing the Congregational Record (CR) profile, one that should give a true picture of who we are as a congregation and what kind of minister we are looking for.

The CR is a multi-page form which includes descriptive, financial, and historical information about the UUSA and the surrounding Amherst community. It is the first thing potential ministers see about us when they are considering congregations. Our CR, along with those of all other congregations in search, will be available for all UUA ministers in good standing seeking a new congregation to see on a private UUA website in early De- cember.

While the CR represents our responses to questions posed by the UUA, we have another comprehensive profile to prepare, the Congregational Packet. The Congregational Packet is a longer, more creative, individualized document, with photos, samples of past newsletters, Sunday orders of service, the ministerial agreement and compensation packet, letters from our Board President, Interim and Minister Emerita, and much more. It will be up to us to make our Congregational Packet stand out among the many Packets the ministers will review. We are pleased to say that all of this is coming along very well, and we are excited to share our story with potential candidates.

We appreciate all of the feedback from you about who we are and your desires in a new minister. Although we haven’t heard whether “SuperMinister” will be on the market, we will be putting our best foot forward in the preparation of our search materials.

With deep gratitude for your participation and investment in our community!

Members of the Ministerial Search Team: Carolyn Cave, Jenn Chylack, Lisa Cyr, Mary Herman, Anne Perkins,

and Steve Rice.

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