Spirit of Life, this day our hearts are with the Muslim community of Christchurch, New Zealand, as they recover from the horrible attack upon them during their most sacred hour of worship. We pray for those who were killed and for their grieving families. We pray for those who were injured, that they may find healing in body and soul. May all be sustained in this time of grief and trial. We offer thanks for the police officers, first responders and emergency personnel who gave immediate aid; we give thanks for all caregivers and healers and for all those in authority who will serve and lead their citizens in the challenging days ahead. We pray too, for the larger community of Christchurch and New Zealand whose city and country have been made victims of terrorism and murder. May they be given wisdom and a calm, abiding strength.

Especially we pray for inspiration that we all, in our own communities, may continue to bear witness against bigotry and hatred, but instead bear witness for inclusion, justice and peace for the human family throughout the world.

May it be so.

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