Religious Education Ministry – March 2020

I want to take a moment to say thank you to the UUSA members and friends for helping make our parents, children and youth feel welcome in the sanctuary, whether RE is leading the service, or participating in the beginning of the regular services. It is so important for all our generations to see each other and share in the worship experience together. Let us take a moment to be thankful for…

Jacy’s strong preschool program. We are seeing some very happy little ones joining on a regular basis. …our elementary program’s enthusiastic and consistent crowd. We will continue to do activities that mirror the upstairs theme and have periodic (about once per month) whole congregation services. …our Coming of Agers (grades 7-9), who have made it into the second half of their yearlong program. The youth are talking about some big questions like: What is the difference between social justice and community service? What hap- pens after we die? Why do people do bad things? Questions we should all take some time to think about. This month High School Youth Group is leading a service on March 15. Please come and support their dedication to our congregation.

Want to share a talent and or your time? Think about volunteering for the RE Program!

Rebecca Fricke, DRE

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