Religious Education Ministry – May 2020

I know that by the time you are reading this our situation will have changed, but still a deadline is a deadline and no matter what changes we will face, we will be facing them together. You have congregational support and I hope you will ask for help if you need it. As I do research for my weekly RE supplements, I am constantly telling myself to “keep it simple,” sometimes known as “KIS.” The first time I saw this in a text I had to ask what it meant, although my first guess for “K” was “kick” which just goes to show you the mood I was in. Keeping it simple is a good goal because if you are receiving as many texts, emails, video links and news updates as I am, it is hard to lose track of what is important!

I know that when I send out my Zoom links and weekly suggestions, not every family is going to open the email, let alone read it and open the links, but that’s OK! Some families like to have the suggested activities, but others are just so busy trying to get work done, childcare shared and food stocked that opening my email is the last thing they need. Please know that you should not be feeling guilty about this lack of attention. Check in on Zoom if you can fit it into your life, but if you can’t, know that when this is all over, our doors will be open and Jacy, Casey, Tess and I are going to be there for you and your children and youth.

In May we move into seed planting, gardening, sunburn and t-shirt weather. I hope that all of you have a chance to get outside and enjoy nature one way or another. My walks consistently make me feel better, and I suspect fresh air and exercise are key ingredients to my stress reduction. If for some reason you can’t get outside, open the window and take some very deep breaths and listen to the flowers blooming and the birds singing.

We will get through this.

Take care all and stay in touch, | Rebecca
Director of Religious Education

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